KCS was established in 2006 by KIPAS Holding and started production in 2008. KCS Kipas Cimento has a Cement Production Facility with an annual production capacity of 3.200.000 tons of Clinker and 4.000.000 tons of Cement, together with the new line investment made in 2012. 

In addition to the Cement Production Facility, it is a strong player in Kahramanmaras and surrounding provinces, especially in the Mediterranean Region, with 15 Concrete plants operating in 7 provinces with a total capacity of 33,000 m3/day.

KCS Kipas Gazbeton Kahramanmaras Facility, which was established with the latest technological facilities of the period in 2013, has a production capacity of 400.000 m3 gas concrete. KCS Kipas Gazbeton made its second Gas Concrete Production Facility investment in Aydın Soke with a capacity of 600,000 m3 in 2019, increasing its gas concrete production capacity to 1,100,000 m3 in total. Kipas Holding and KCS, continuing their pioneering mission in every field they invest in, also started the production of Reinforced Aerated Concrete at the Soke Facility in the same year.

With the approach of continuous improvement, efficient production and environmental protection, KCS commissioned the Power Plant with a production capacity of 9 MW/h from Waste Heat in 2017 and continued its investments and commissioned the Waste Incineration Facility in 2018, where wastes are disposed of and energy is recovered.

Working with the principle of being the best in its sector, KCS became one of the leading cement producers of Turkey in a short time; It continues its Cement and Gas Concrete production activities on an area of 756,000 mon the Gaziantep-Narlı highway toll booths in Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş province. It carries out Cement, Gas Concrete and Concrete production activities with its facilities located in 7 provinces and provides employment for approximately 1000 people.

Our Mission

Always keeping quality and technological development at the forefront; It is our indispensable mission to ensure continuous customer satisfaction in accordance with the demands and expectations, respectful to the laws, the environment and social values, and to create a team spirit with a qualified human resources policy.

Our Vision

To ensure its sustainability as a respected and preferred brand in the sector with its quality production, technology and environmental awareness in the building materials sector.

Executive Member of Board

Mehmet Hanefi ÖKSÜZ
Chairman of the Board
Halil İbrahim GÜMÜŞER
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Executive Board Member
Board Member