We aim to be one step ahead, to make a difference, to support our employees in the best way, and to make our organizational development continuous with programs for learning and development. 

  • To use manpower efficiently in line with our goals,
  • To meet all the needs of our employees and to ensure their development,
  • To adopt the principle of humane behavior in all our activities with the awareness that the greatest competitive advantage is "manpower",
  • To adopt the principle of equality with the "right person for the right job" and "equal pay for equal work" practices,
  • To ensure the training and development of our employees in order to prevent information obsolescence and to ensure that our employees reach the most appropriate skill level,
  • To prepare appropriate educational environments to prepare the "knowledge person" who can best fulfill the requirements of the age,
  • To fulfill human-oriented functions such as human relations, employee satisfaction, career plans, performance evaluation, recruitment and adaptation programs,
  • To ensure that all our employees are united around common goals,
  • To address the goals of our employees with the goals of the Holding,
  • To keep the motivation levels of our employees high.

Our Goals

  • To adopt the corporate identity for our employees at all levels,
  • To make them competent with a common vision,
  • To provide solutions that support personal development and leadership development as well as professional development of employees.

To follow the reflection of these gains on business results. We are trying to train our employees to fullfill these goals.

Trainings for new  employees;

  • Orientation Information Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Environmental Awareness and Waste Management Training
  • Integrated Management System Awareness Training