Kipaş Holding always welcomes the cooperation of educational institutions and industrial organizations in order to ensure that the internship needs of the departments are met in line with its objectives, policies and principles, and positively approaches internship requests from secondary education and higher education. During the internship, programs are designed to support the career choices and personal development of the students as well as adding value to Kipaş Holding. 

Our Internship Program for Vocational High Schools

We try to create an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they see in schools within our quota for the Vocational High School students, whom we are obliged to employ within the framework of the law numbered 3308, and we take care to prepare them for the future in the best possible way. This practice goes on from opening of schools until closing of the last year of high school. Each school determines their students. 

Our Internship Program for Universities 

It is one of our main goals to create the opportunity for these young people, whom we see as the guarantee of our future, to apply the theoretical knowledge they see at school in our company and to prepare them for the business environment in the best way. Our total quota is designated by declaration of Business Managers. There are 2 semesters of 1.5 months during the 3-month summer break.

  • Human Resources Unit it is responsible for receiving and approving the internship applications from the relevant units, distributing them to the relevant units and coordination during the internship period.
  • Department Management is responsible for the correct determination and demand of the number of interns depending on the number of employees and the variety of work done within the team. In addition, each team has a senior employee responsible for the intern students so that the trainees gain knowledge and improve themselves during their internship.
  • The Senior Employee Responsible for Interns keeps a record of the absences of the interns and reports them to the Human Resources Unit daily.

  • In university internships, students of faculties and vocational schools affiliated with the higher education institution are given internship opportunities in the summer. Summer period interns continue internship between 20 and 40 working days.
  • Long-term internships include high school and university students. High school internships start in september and continue until the end of the education term. University internships start in september or february, continue until the end of the semester.

  • Kipaş Holding Human Resources Department determines the internship quotas not exceeding 10% of the current department's staff. In addition, the internship quotas are determined according to the work structure of the department.

  • University interns can apply directly to the Human Resources Department of Kipaş Holding, as well as pre-applications via
  • "Intern Request Forms" are given to the interns who are deemed suitable for internship by the Human Resources Specialist are signed and a copy of them is taken.

  • Interns can benefit from the cafeteria and service facilities.