We are sensitive to the environment for the continuation of life,
We aimed to produce quality and efficient production, to save money while producing, to minimize the impact on the environment and to protect nature. For this purpose, we have used equipment in accordance with this policy from the first installation stage to the present day. By closely following technological developments, we have invested and continue to invest in all kinds of developments that increase efficiency and quality, save energy and protect the environment.

Protecting the Environment is Our Priority,
KCS, by establishing the Environmental Management Unit as an environmentalist approach in production; It received ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. It is monitored online by the ministry with the Continuous Emission Measurement System (SEOS).

We Control Our Wastes For A Cleaner World,
No process-related waste is generated in cement production, and the wastes generated as a result of maintenance are sent to licensed companies within the scope of the legislation.

Better Quality and Efficient Production by Consuming Less Energy, 
In order to increase efficiency and quality, and to consume less energy, our “energy generation from waste heat” and “waste incineration” investments have been implemented. In this way, we both prevent the consumption of natural resources by producing energy from waste heat and prevent environmental pollution by eliminating wastes.

We Dispose of Waste, We Do Not Pollute Our Environment,
Wastes can be used as alternative raw materials and additional fuel for recovery, recycling and energy recovery, not as garbage. In our Waste Incineration Facility, which we established for the purpose of energy recovery, we not only reduce environmental pollution by eliminating waste, but also provide energy recovery.