We Dispose of Wastes, We Do Not Consume Natural Resources,

With our Waste Incineration Facility investment completed in June 2017, we ensure the recycling of wastes within the scope of the Environmental Permit and License on Waste Incineration and Co-incineration, as well as cement production.

Waste Incineration and Co-incineration systems in the Cement Industry; It is the most convenient method for energy recovery. With this method, besides reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, it also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In cases where wastes with high calorific value are used partially or completely instead of fossil fuels, both energy costs are reduced significantly and fossil fuel consumption is reduced.

When the wastes are recovered in the cement production process; waste, ash, etc. from the process. wastes are not formed and no new pollution is caused while recycling the wastes.
In 2019, 24,000 tons of waste was disposed of at our waste incineration facility, contributing to reducing environmental pollution and energy recovery.